OH MY GIRL member was criticized by Knetz for her insensitive winning speech, directly mentioning the losing group?

 Recently, in the latest broadcast of “M Countdown” on May 14, OH MY GIRL with the song “Nonstop” got first place and “beat” “Knock” by ASTRO to win this week with 200 points difference.

This is also the 7th trophy during this promotion period of Oh My Girl after 5 victories last week and one at “The Show” on May 12.

However, recently on Kpop fan forums, Yooa’s speech caused controversy.  Specifically, after winning the trophy, Yooa shared: “We thought we wouldn’t make it today. But Astro guys must receive the award next time, let’s win together!  Thank you, WM Entertainment and OH MY GIRL members. We will try and bring everyone best music

A group of Kpop fans found what Yooa said unpleasant.  Most people think that YooAh was insensitive when she mentioned the losing group in her winning speech.  Even some comments harshly criticized Yoo Ah that she purposely mentioned ASTRO – a boy group who has never won “M! Countdown” to make her group look better.  However, there are also some other opinions saying that YooAh just wanted to encourage ASTRO and did not have any malicious intent.

 Some comments of Knetizens are:

 – “She should have been thoughtful and understood that ASTRO could be sad because they did not win.. How could she be so carefree in such an unpleasant way

 – “A winning speech should only refer to the group or other groups from the same company, the staff. Don’t mention other groups, especially the losing ones. There’s no point in doing that“.

 – “She was not trying to shame them but it’s true that it was an insensitive comment”.

 – “It’s like she intentionally said that, so disappointed“.

 – “It is true that she had no malicious intent but that was not a nice comment“.

 – “They’re lucky it was Astro. If it was a A-list male group, they would’ve been dragged for days

 – “So insensitive, hopefully she will learn from this “.

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