Pachinko will soon be back with season 2: Will Lee Min Ho, Kim Min Ha continue to star?

It turns out that the information that Pachinko will have multiple seasons was confirmed from the very beginning.

After dominating global charts, Pachinko has officially ended with the last episode aired on April 29. On social networks, many viewers expressed their regret at having to say goodbye to a special TV show with an excellent cast like Pachinko.


Not to let the fans down, a tweet was recently circulated on social media implicitly announcing that Pachinko, starring Lee Min Ho, Kim Min Ha, and Youn Yuh Jung, will have a second season with the same cast.


Specifically, in an interview when promoting the film, Pachinko‘s writer and producer – Soo Hugh confirmed that the project will have many seasons. Writer Soo Hugh added when talking to Screen Rant that the series will have a total of 4 seasons.


Pachinko‘s screenwriter shared: “The show is four seasons long, so it was never supposed to be a limited series. So the idea is we’re going to watch these characters grow up as well, so that storyline is coming I think there’s no way you can tell the story just in eight episodes; it’s impossible. To do it full justice, and to fall in love with the characters and really understand what they live through, it has to be the whole spectrum.”


As a result, the audience will be able to follow Pachinko’s story over the course of four seasons. According to the scriptwriter, the team will track the characters’ development day by day. As a result, there’s a good chance that the characters from season 1 will return for the rest of the series.


The crowd was ecstatic at the aforementioned information and agreed that it would be so sad if a series with such good content and a great cast like Pachinko ended after just 8 episodes.


Some comments from the audience:

  • This is also what I want.
  • Even if Pachinko has 10 seasons, I’ll still watch them all
  • 8 episodes is too short. We need more

It is known that Pachinko focuses on telling the story of four generations in a Korean family, who have to deal with the Korean-Japanese war. As soon as the first information of season 1 was announced, Pachinko and the cast received a lot of positive reactions.

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According to the public, this is a drama that breaks the inherent rules of Korean films and quickly captures the hearts of audiences around the world.

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