“Pachinko” confirms the production of Season 2

“Pachinko” Season 2 is coming out.

On April 30th, Apple TV announced the production of Pachinko Season 2. Soo Hugh, the planner, screenwriter, and executive producer of “Pachinko“, expressed her thoughts, “I’m indescribably happy to be able to continue this special story of a family with strong vitality. I would like to thank Apple, Media Res and passionate fans for trusting and supporting the project. It’s an honor to be able to continue working with the production team, including amazing actors.”

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Warmly blending epic on a grand scale, “Pachinko” is a story that begins with forbidden love and is an unforgettable chronicle of war, peace, love, separation, victory, and judgment between Korea, Japan, and the United States. It was produced by Soo Hugh and based on the best-selling novel of the same name.

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Dealing with topics such as family, love, victory, destiny, and overcoming difficulties that everyone in the world can relate to, “Pachinko” unravels the hopes and dreams of a Korean immigrant family leaving their homeland in an indomitable will to survive and prosper. Set in the early 1900s in Korea, this work is drawn through the eyes of a strong woman named Sunja, who overcomes all adversities.


Soo Hugh, who oversees the whole project, wrote the script and was in charge of the general production. Director Kogonada directed and produced a total of four episodes, including one pilot episode, while director Justin Chon directed and produced four other episodes. Media Res was in charge of the production, and Media Res’ Michael Ellenberg, Lindsey Springer, and Danny Gorin were named executive producers. Theresa Kang-Lowe of Blue Marvel Pictures, Richard Middleton, David Kim, and Sebastian Lee participated as co-producers.


Youn Yuh-jung, Lee Min-ho, Jin Ha, Kim Min-ha, Anna Sawai, Jung Eun-chae, Jeong In-ji, Jimmi Simpson, Han Jun-woo, Kaho Minami, Steve Sanghyun Noh, Soji Arai and Yu-na respectively play Kim Sunja, Koh Hansu, Solomon Baek, teenage Sunja, Naomi, Kyunghee, Yangjin, Tom Andrews, Baek Yoseb, Etsuko, Baek Isak, Baek Mozasu and childhood Sunja.


Pachinko” Season 2 will be serviced along with Apple’s original contents newly produced and renewed by Media Res, including the Emmy Awards, the SAG Awards and “The Morning Show”, which recently confirmed the production of Season 3. Another one is “Extrapolation“, which is expected to be a story dealing with climate change. Starring a brilliant cast, it is an anthology of short stories written, directed and produced by Scott Z. Burns.


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