Sandara Park explains her in-flight meal controversy, “It’s not that I can’t eat that much”

Sandara Park explained why she ordered several meals during her flight and left a lot of them.

On April 29th, Sandara Park wrote on her personal Instagram story, “The photos I posted (of the meals) last time were before I ate them. I took pretty pictures and posted them before eating. It’s not that I couldn’t eat that much.”

She continued, “However, since I could barely eat for almost a month, I thought I’d eat even a few bowls, but when I ate it, my stomach suddenly shrank so I ended up not eating that much!!! I am still increasing the food I eat little by little.”

The photo posted along with this caption was taken by Sandara Park of the leftover bibimbap she ordered on the plane. It seems like she left about a third of the portion after she got so full. 

Sandara Park

Earlier, Sandara Park took to Instagram to reveal that after dieting, she ordered bibimbap and ramen on her flight back from the States to Korea. She said, “I’m sorry to the flight attendants for the leftovers. It’s not because the food was not delicious but because I ate so well that I felt full. I ordered at least two of them. I’ve been on a diet for a month, and now I’m done with it.”

After she posted photos of her several in-flight meals, some Korean netizens showed negative reactions through comments such as, “Are those pictures after eating and not before?”, ”She’s a small eater. She shouldn’t have ordered that much knowing there would be a lot of leftovers.” 

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