Song Hye Kyo enjoys youthful visual at the age of 41

Song Hye Kyo boasts a youthful appearance in her 40s.

Recently, a brand Song Hye Kyo is working with released a short commercial film starring Song Hye Kyo. The CF captured the actress’ beauty from various angles. In any of them, the actress is spotlessly beautiful.

In close-up shots, “The Glory” star whipped up a sensation by showing off her rosy, elastic, and flawless skin. At 41, the actress has not shown a sign of aging for a single day.

song hye kyo

Previously, actress Song dedicated to her role Moon Dong Eun in “The Glory” by appearing with a frail look and wrinkled skin. She intentionally skipped meals and only drank water to look the part. At the time the series aired, actress Song received mixed reactions when she no longer appeared as stunning and youthful as before. Nonetheless, her sacrifice was worthwhile. At this year’s “Baeksang Arts Awards”, Song Hye Kyo proceeded to win the “Best Actress” award after years of acting.

song hye kyo

With this CF, it seems that the “Descendants of the Sun” star does not need a long time to rejuvenate herself.

Source: k14 

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