The Chinese Government has just issued a ban on celebrities’ lip-syncing

On September 18th (local time), the “Lipsync Prohibition Act” was announced by China’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism and is enacted for a well-managed and orderly development of the performance market.

Therefore, it is reported that lip-syncing performances will be completely banned for artists who are active in the Chinese entertainment industry.

Moreover, if actors or actors are found lip-syncing, the eligibility of their companies will be canceled, and these cases will be disclosed to the public.

However, there is also an exception. Before the performances, if the sound equipment or live performances are found to may have a risk of causing serious damage to the health of the performers, they will be allowed to lip-sync.


In this case, it is stated that lip-syncing should be announced to the audience before the performance. This regulation applied to not only famous singers and actors but also opera and musical singers.

If caught violating this law, the performer participating in the concert and the hosting companies will receive severe punishment.

Regarding the enactment of the law, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism emphasized, “This is a policy to manage and supervise the actions that violate the core values of socialism and reject the actions that harm our nation’s great cultural traditions. Actors and singers in this field should practice by themselves to meet the standards that have been disclosed this time.”

Meanwhile, on the 27th of last month, the National Cyberspace Administration of the Chinese Communist Party announced a plan to “strengthen the management of disorderly fandom”, including a ban on issuing charts of celebrity’s popularity, a prohibition of the minors’ fundraising to support idols, and a restriction on paid voting for entertainment programs.


On the 2nd of this month, China’s Photoelectric Power Bureau also issued a ban on problematic celebrities who caused scandals from appearing on TV. They also banned the stars from paying money for appearing on shows and prohibited male idols from showing up with “feminine” appearances. In addition, a standard of proper appearance of a male idol to appear on Chinese TV was also presented.

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