Former CLC member Sorn opened up reasons why she left CUBE Ent

Recently, former member of CLC Sorn had an interview with a Thai media. In this interview, the Thai female idol revealed the reason she left Cube. 

First of all, Sorn revealed that when the time to renew the contract approached, the members wanted to continue group activities, but Cube suggested promoting solo activities. During this process, most of the members talked to each other and decided that they had no reason to stay at the company unless they were still CLC.


Choi Yujin still wanted to pursue an idol career and then participated in “Girl’s Planet 999” to re-debut with Kep1er. Although Sorn’s contract with CUBE ended a long time ago, she decided to announce it after the end of “Girl’s Planet 999” so that the matter didn’t affect Yujin.


Secondly, she complained about the constantly changing the group’s concept

Accordingly, CLC members disagreed with the company about the constant change of concepts and songs since it caused the group to promote songs that didn’t suit them continuously.


“Hobgoblin,” “Black Dress,” and “Me” were all well-received at the time of their release because the concepts for these songs were all agreed by the members. “Helicopter”, the group’s last song, was a bright example that positively reflects the group’s opinions.


As for “Hobgoblin,” its concept was personally designed and PPT-presented by CLC members in front of their staff and later got approval from the company.

At the end of the interview, Sorn said that although the group has disbanded, CLC is still a family. The idol expressed her wishes that they would reunite one day.


Meanwhile, before leaving the group, Sorn was entangled in a lot of scandals, such as disrespecting seniors, racism, and face-shaming controversy.

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