Han Seo Hee constantly changed her testimony regarding B.I’s case, said Yang Hyun Suk’s side

After being acquitted in the first trial of intimidation charges against Han Seo Hee regarding B.I’s drug allegations, YG producer Yang Hyun Suk attended the 2nd trial.

On May 24th, the second appeal trial for Yang Hyun Suk, the general producer of YG, was held at the Seoul High Court Criminal Division 6-3, on charges of violating the Act on Aggravated Punishment, etc. for Specific Crimes.


Previously, Yang Hyun Suk was indicted on charges of persuading and coercing a whistleblower named Han to cover up and threaten the investigation into the drug allegations against B.I (real name Kim Han Bin), a former member of iKON. Han initially reported B.I’s drug allegations to the police but later retracted his statement. In 2019, Han stated during the process of retracting their statement to the National Human Rights Commission that there had been pressure from Yang Hyun Suk and YG.

In the first trial, the prosecution requested a three-year imprisonment, but the court ruled in favor of Yang Hyun Suk and the other three defendants, stating that it was difficult to find credibility in Han’s statement, and declared them not guilty. In the second appeal trial held on this day, Yang Hyun Suk’s defense team again pointed out the flaws in Han’s testimony, stating that they did not submit evidence such as the submission of recorded phone call files during the first trial, and that the prosecution also failed to find any evidence during the mobile phone investigation, revealing loopholes in the testimony.


Meanwhile, in the first appeal trial held last month, the prosecution requested B.I’s father, Mr. Kim, as a witness along with the whistleblower, Han. They also added charges of forcing interviews with investigative powers.

In response, Yang Hyun Suk’s defense lawyer stated that the original judgment is entirely just, and requested the dismissal of the appeal. 

On that day, the panel of judges stated, “We have carefully read the defense attorney’s opinion submitted on the 16th. We understand the intention of the defense attorney, but from the perspective of conducting the trial, we have reached an agreement to allow it. It is appropriate to permit the change in the indictment and proceed with it as part of the trial. We will consider the defense attorney’s statements carefully when making the final judgment.”


Regarding the summary of the change in the indictment, the prosecution denied the charges, stating, “We did not demand false testimony but requested that the truth be told. There has been no false testimony or abuse of power, and since Yang Hyun Suk has not done such things, Mr. Kim is also innocent.”

After the panel of judges accepted Han Seo Hee and B.I’s father, Mr. Kim, as witnesses proposed by the prosecution, they asked the defense attorney about the witness application. 

At this, Yang Hyun Suk’s defense attorney explained, “We intended to propose Han Seo Hee’s friend, Ms. A, as a witness, but due to her panic disorder symptoms, it is difficult for her to attend, so we intend to substitute her with a statement confirmation letter.” The panel of judges then asked the prosecution if they intended to apply Ms. A as a witness, and the prosecution replied, “We will actively consider the witness application.”


However, Yang Hyun Suk’s side countered by stating that the prosecution did not propose Ms. A as a witness even in the first trial and argued, “It is not appropriate for the defense attorney to request the prosecutor’s witness as their own witness.” In response, the panel of judges answered, “We aim to clarify the circumstances under which Han Seo Hee retracted her statement. We hope there are no misunderstandings.”

Furthermore, Yang Hyun Suk’s side also raised objections regarding Han Seo Hee’s testimony, stating, “Even in the first trial, she claimed that she would submit recorded phone call files. Despite the prosecutor going to her home and taking her phone, they were not found. Yet she still claims that the files were recorded and gives different explanations when asked for evidence. She keeps changing her statements about other matters as well. We cannot trust her testimony.”

In the third trial, B.I’s father, Mr. Kim, is scheduled to attend as a witness. The third trial will take place on June 28th.

Source: Daum

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