“Tube shape + black ribbons?” New Jeans’ debut celebration cake embroiled in controversy 

As NewJeans celebrated their 100th day of debut, an incident occurred in which the shape of their cake came under controversy.

On October 29th, New Jeans, who was launched on July 22, 2022, celebrated their 100th day of debut.

NewJeans 100days

New Jeans has established their official fan club, named Bunnies, and started to communicate with fans by appearing in a live broadcast on the 100th day of their debut.

In particular, on this day’s broadcast, the members were sitting in front of a celebratory cake, drawing attention with its unique design, such as an elongated shape, black ribbons, and whipped cream decorations like horns.

NewJeans 100days

In addition, the members showed off their cuteness by appearing in the live broadcast wearing bunny hats.

However, some netizens who saw this belatedly began to pour out angry comments, saying, “Why are you eating a tube-shaped cake in this situation?”

This is because the event coincided with the date of the Itaewon tragedy. However, it is known that the live broadcast happened before the crowd crushing accident.

NewJeans 100days

To this, netizens showed various reactions such as “The shape is bizarre”, “The horns were inspired by bunny ears..”, “All malicious commenters should be sued”, “Know before you swear”, etc.

New Jeans, the girl group under HYBE’s sub-label ADOR, led by CEO Min Hee Jin, created a craze at the same time as the release of their debut album “New Jeans”. They became the first girl group to rank first and second in the Top 100 with their debut title tracks “Attention” and “Hype Boy” on Melon, charted on Spotify’s “Weekly Top Song America” the first time for a K-pop group’s debut song with “Attention”.

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