NewJeans unveiled official fandom name and lightstick design 

The fandom name of girl group NewJeans has been revealed 

On October 29th, NewJeans released the official fan club name on their official Twitter account, along with the caption, “You know who we are, we are Bunnies”. 

Then, they also published a photo of the official light stick design with the caption, “The light stick with the meaning of NewJeans and Bunnies has been released”.  

The lightstick is designed in a cute rabbit shape to reflect the name of NewJeans’ fandom. It is also attached with the initials “NJ” to represent NewJeans.

newjeans lightstick

According to the latest announcement, the lightstick will be officially released in the first quarter of 2023 and will be sold exclusively at Weverse Shop.

Source: dispatch

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