YouTuber Lee Jin-ho “Kim Seon-ho’s health problems after controversy over his private life… Because of stress”

It was reported that Kim Seon-ho suffered from shingles due to extreme stress after the controversy over his private life.

On July 9th, YouTuber Lee Jin-ho posted a video titled “Kim Seon-ho’s sad current situation | Loyalty with 1 Night 2 Days members” on his YouTube channel.

Lee Jin-ho said, “Kim Seon-ho, who has been self-reflecting for 10 months due to the controversy over his private life, will return through the theater stage.”

The first thing he revealed was Kim Seon-ho’s health problems. Lee Jin-ho explained, “Was Kim Seon-ho really sick? Since the controversy last year, there have been many rumors about Kim Seon-ho, such as ‘He was taken to the emergency room’ and ‘Reporters are waiting in the emergency room’. As a result of checking, all of these contents were found to be groundless. However, it is true that he had health problems. His immunity was greatly weakened due to extreme stress. He had to undergo outpatient treatment for a while as he suffered from shingles. In a video recently released to promote a play, he looked much thinner than before.

According to Lee Jin-ho, Kim Seon-ho still maintains a strong relationship with 1 Night 2 Days members. He drew attention by sharing, “He was comforted by people around him in the process of struggling with privacy issues last year. The support and encouragement of 1 Night 2 Days members as well as senior and junior actors on the theater stage continued. Although they were close to Kim Seon-ho, it was a sensitive matter, so they quietly took care of Kim Seon-ho. An acquaintance told me, ‘Kim Seon-ho is not the type to meet many people. The support and encouragement of seniors and juniors as well as 1 Night 2 Days members was a great help.'”

Source: nate

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