Jang Wonyoung’s agency, the next target after “Sojang” is “Luminark”

“Luminark”, which Jang Wonyoung’s agency Starship Entertainment mentioned while calling for strict punishment for cyber wrecker “Sojang”, expressed their position

On Sep 14th, Starship issued an official statement, saying, “Our artists, executives and employees call for strict legal action against ‘Sojang’ that mass-produces and distributes fake news under the guise of entertainment issues.

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Starship continued, “The continuous spread of false information has caused serious defamation, not only interfering with the company’s work but also causing serious pain to artists and fans. ‘Sojang’ deleted their account when their identity was revealed and claimed that they did not constitute defamation. They are showing no will to improve, so we urgently need to take strict action.”

Starship pointed out, “Many channels similar to ‘Sojang’, including ‘Luminark’, another cyber wrecker that deals with fake news in the entertainment industry and even engages in sexual harassment and insults, are active. Beyond simple rumors, they try to deceive the public and avoid the law by using clever techniques to wrap contents as if they were the public’s reactions, not their own opinions.”

Then, Luminark uploaded a long post on their YouTube channel’s community, saying, “Starship, look at this.”

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They claimed, “I heard you mentioned me. Of course there are fans among those who report me for Starship to sue me, but the people who put such pressure are girl group antifans. The videos I made were made with the intention of ‘girl group noise marketing’. I have no intention of insulting or criticizing members.

They went on to say, “I deal with negative issues, but in the end, I always side with girl groups. Do you really think that I’m intentionally trying to insult and criticize girl groups? I’m so upset Starship is referring to me as a cyber wrecker similar to Sojang because they were fooled by the pressure from girl group antifans. I’m ready to defend myself if I stand in court. As I said earlier, the videos I made are very different from what antifans claim.”

They emphasized, “Girl group antifans cosplaying as fans left inciting comments on my videos every day, swearing at me and telling Starship to sue me. I left the comments unattended, which led to this result. I worked hard to make videos for IVE and Jang Wonyoung more than anyone else, so how can I be a cyber wrecker like ‘Sojang’?

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However, contrary to Luminark’s claim, their recent YouTube videos and shorts contained contents equivalent to spreading false information and insults just by looking at thumbnails and titles.

Starship is in the process of civil & criminal lawsuits and overseas lawsuits against the “Sojang” channel, which produced groundless rumors against Jang Wonyoung, IVE, etc.

On Sep 11th, the Korea Management Federation, the Korea Entertainment Producers’ Association, the Record Label Industry Association of Korea and the Korea Music Content Association issued a statement demanding strict punishment for malicious content creators, including Sojang.

Source: Wikitree

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