“Little Women” Song Joong-ki made a surprise appearance as a shoe store employee

Song Joong-ki made a special appearance in “Little Women”.

In tvN’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Little Women“, which aired on Sep 4th, Oh In-ju (Kim Go-eun) visited the house of the deceased Jin Hwa-young (Choo Ja-hyun).

Oh In-ju expressed doubts about suicide, “If I had money, I would never commit suicide. Perhaps Hwa-young…” Oh In-ju, who found traces of Singapore at Jin Hwa-young’s house, told Shin Hyun-min (Oh Jung-se), “Maybe Hwa-young had been living in Singapore for a long time.”

Shin Hyun-min approached, “If you find Jin Hwa-young’s Singapore house, you can find 70 billion won. What kind of person are you? In-ju, I can give you all of this.

Afterwards, Oh In-ju visited the store wearing Jin Hwa-young’s shoes. A shoe store employee (Song Joong-ki) looked at Oh In-ju’s shoes and said, “They look great on you. Shoes are all about feelings.

Oh In-ju showed Shin Hyun-min’s picture, “I drank a lot when I got these shoes as a gift, so I don’t remember who gave me them. Is it this person?” The store employee replied, “That’s right. I remember clearly.”

Earlier, Jin Hwa-young was rumored to have an affair with Shin Hyun-min.

“Little Women” depicts the story of three poor sisters who are close, their involvement in the case of 70 billion won going missing, and how they bravely face Korea’s richest family. It airs every Saturday and Sunday at 9:10 PM.

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