Sandara felt full after only eating two bites of Jjapaghetti

Sandara has always been famous for her slim body

Sandara Park posted a photo on her Instagram on the 4th, saying, “It was so delicious and I ate it to the full.”

The photo shows Sandara Park meeting an acquaintance and having dinner. Sandara Park’s dinner menu was Jjapaghetti. Sandara Park is smiling as if satisfied after putting both hands on her stomach as if she was full. However, at this time, my acquaintance drew attention by writing, “My friend who is full after eating two bites of Jjapaghetti.”

Sandara Park, who ate two bites, added, “I ate my stomach full.

Sandara Park, a representative news outlet in the entertainment industry, recently certified, saying, “I am less than 160cm tall. My weight is 40kg.” 

Meanwhile, Sandara Park is currently appearing in the web entertainment ‘Sisters Who Don’t Eat Rice’ with Park So-hyun.

Source: nate

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