Sandara Park, “I’m 162cm tall and 37kg? The truth is…” (Unnies Without Appetite)

Sandara Park explained the information that said she’s 162cm tall and 37kg.

The 7th episode of the web entertainment show “Unnies Without Appetite” was uploaded on the Youtube channel “Happy Garlic Studio” on August 24th. 

In the released video, Park So-hyun and Sandara Park spent time answering questions from subscribers.

When asked “I’m curious if it was from when you were kids that you began to eat so little”, Sandara Park said, “I ate less when I was still growing so I didn’t grow a lot”.

Sandara Park continued, “Kids think they need to be 162cm tall and 37kg to have that body. It is written in my profile that I was 37kg, so I think I should correct it.” She confessed, “I’m actually not even 160cm tall.”

In response to Sandara Park’s confession, Park Sohyun comforted her by patting her and said, “Why do you bring this up?” In response, Sandara Park said, “Because kids who are growing up should not have the wrong idea. It’s impossible to weigh 37-8kg at 162cm.”

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