V and Jennie are really dating?… A “home date” photo was revealed this time

The rumor of a romantic relationship between BTS’s V and BLACKPINK’s Jennie is intensifying.

On August 25th, a photo of a man and a woman believed to be V and Jennie spread all over the place on SNS sites and online communities. In the released photo, the two were taking a mirror selfie in the corridor of an apartment. They wore comfortable training clothes as if they were at home, and showed off their extraordinary fashion sense with a couple look. 

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Some netizens even pointed out that V once took a selfie in front of a similar background. Although many fans are suspecting the source since it has not been confirmed, some people believe that V and Jennie are lovers because the two have repeatedly been embroiled in dating rumors.

V and Jennie’s dating rumors broke out when a netizen witnessed the two going on a date in Jeju in May. Although the rumors were supported by a leaked photo showing a man and a woman believed to be V and Jennie enjoying their date on Jeju Island, both V and Jennie’s sides remained silent.

jennie bts v

Recently, another photo showing a man said to be V getting his hair and makeup done in the waiting room and a photo believed to be Jennie smiling and taking the photo from behind was released, causing another dating rumor to arise.

Since V departed for the U.S on August 24th for his photo shoot schedule and Jennie was also revealed to have left for BLACKPINK’s second full album promotion in the U.S on August 25th, speculations of the two having a date in New York have already been raised.

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As soon as media outlets made articles with the headline “Jennie left for the U.S right after V”, Jennie’s agency YG Entertainment indirectly denied the New York date rumors, saying “It is true that she is leaving for the U.S, but she will be busy with awards ceremonies and promotions schedules.”

Fans who saw YG’s position commented, “I want you to answer the dating rumors”, “Why are you only giving an explanation on the rumors of their New York date?”, etc.

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Meanwhile, BLACKPINK will release their second full album “BORN PINK” on September 16th. BTS will hold the concert “BTS <Yet To Come> in BUSAN” on October 15th and meet fans.

Source: insight

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