Fans point out the differences between Lisa’s Youtube channel and those of Jennie, Rosé & other YG artists

Many netizens believe that YG Entertainment is mistreating Lisa. 

Kpop fans, particularly BLACKPINK fans, have been expressing their dissatisfaction with YG in recent days. They kept the hashtag #YGLetLisaDoHerWork trending on Twitter, unsubscribed from the BLACKPINK YouTube channel, and Lisa’s Chinese fan station even announced that they would no longer support group albums as they believed YG mistreated Lisa.

 The hashtag had 5.6 million results as of October 10. 

Up to now, YG Entertainment has not commented on this issue, but many netizens have noticed the difference between Lisa’s YouTube channel and those of Jennie and Rosé (Jisoo currently does not have her own YouTube channel).

Lisa’s personal YouTube channel, Lilifilm Official, has the most subscribers among BLACKPINK members.  However, this channel does not link to YG’s artist profile.  Meanwhile, both Jennie and Rosé’s channels are linked.

Channels under the personal ownership of YG artists such as OfficialG-Dragon, YGTAEYANG, OfficialSEUNGYOON all display links to the website, only Lisa does not.

Source: K14

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