The bodybuilder who raised suspicion of Kim Jong-kook using steroids explained the controversy

The foreign bodybuilder who suspected Kim Jong-kook of using steroids for working out expressed his position on the doping allegation once again.

On November 7th, the world-famous bodybuilder Greg Doucette uploaded a new video on his Youtube channel. Greg Doucette currently drew great attention worldwide after attacking Kim Jong-kook. Regarding the news articles that have been pouring out, he gave an explanation and said he didn’t doubt Kim Jong-kook.

After watching Kim Jong-kook reveal that he eats chicken breasts and is maintaining a great body at the age of 45, Greg Doucette asked back, “Are people who are exercising hard all natural (without using drugs for bodybuilding)?”

Kim Jong-kook Greg Doucette

First of all, Greg Doucette said he had never claimed that Kim Jong-kook abused steroids. The foreign bodybuilder then explained that what he said was if he had to bet when his life was on the line and was asked to pick one option between Kim Jong-kook is natural or not natural, then he would say, “I don’t think he’s natural”.

Greg Doucette continued, “When did I mention steroids? I said it would probably HRT (Hormone replacement therapy). Maybe something else, I don’t know. Based on what I see about his age and so on, that was my best-educated guess.”

Moreover, regarding his opinion when people claimed that he was jealous of Kim Jong-kook’s success, Greg Doucette said, “Lots of celebrities are successful on Youtube doesn’t mean I’m jealous of what they’re doing. If they’re famous singers or actors, of course, they have many fans, so 2 million followers is so obvious.”

Kim Jong-kook Greg Doucette

He continued, “I’m literally on HRT myself. I’m saying maybe he’s on HRT either. It’s not illegal. I’m not natural and this takes me to know that he is also not natural. I can see and tell the differences about human bodies.” Then, he emphasized, “Would you tell me the guy is training 2-3 hours a day and he’s obsessed with the gym, and that’s why he looks like he does? It’s not how it works. When you do too much, it’s called overtraining and you would have less muscles. It’s even more proof that he’s probably taking something like steroids.”

In addition, Greg Doucette explained that testosterone levels naturally decrease with age and mentioned Kim Jong-kook’s words, “My male hormone level is 9.24 at the age of 46”. Greg Doucette then said, “What does that mean? I don’t understand what is 9.24. If his testosterone level is higher than average, that could indicate he’s on HRT. It could be a doctor’s prescription. The doctor could say HRT is good for the body. It’s not illegal. He’s doing it for medical reasons.”

Kim Jong-kook Greg Doucette

Earlier, Greg Doucette praised Kim Jong-kook’s body and said, “If there is a bet of 1 million dollars, I would say he’s using steroids.” The bodybuilder and Youtuber’s remarks drew attention, and Kim Jong-kook even denied the suspicion, saying, “With steady efforts and my mental strength alone, my male hormone level is 9.24 at the age of 46.”

Therefore, Kim Jong-kook talked back to Greg Doucette, who raised suspicions about ‘steroids abuse’, “I want to prove that this might be an impossible thing without using that kind of drugs in their surroundings, but in Korea, our country, how funny it is to see many people just enjoy working out”


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