“Voluptuous…” National MC Yoo Jae-suk revealed his ideal type

Broadcaster Yoo Jae-suk revealed his ideal type.

Following last week, the April 2nd broadcast of MBC’s Saturday variety show “Hangout with Yoo” continued the special episode titled “Sisters and Me” with Yoo Jae-suk, Lee Kyung-shil, Park Mi-sun and Jo Hye-ryun.

yoo jae suk

On this day, the four talked about “my own celebrity“. First of all, Park Mi-sun picked actor Go Soo and Shinhwa Eric. Yoo Jae-suk said, “I met Go Soo on ‘You Quiz’ recently, and he was very handsome. He looked like a sculpture.” Park Mi-sun replied, “I joined Go Soo’s fan club. I got a wedding invitation from Go Soo, but my heart was broken and I couldn’t go.”

yoo jae suk

In the meantime, she surprised everyone by saying, “Go Soo is a little bit similar to Lee Bong-won.”

Later, when Yoo Jae-suk shared, “I’ve liked Kim Hye-soo and Sophie Marceau since my school days“, Park Mi-sun caused laughter as she said, “You like voluptuous women.”

yoo jae suk
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