Stars who confidently make “no marriage” declarations (ft. Sunny, BamBam, etc.)

Several celebrities drew attention as they expressed their desire to stay single.

According to a recent survey on Koreans’ awareness of marriage and childbirth, 4 out of 10 unmarried people in their 20s and 30s in Korea said they don’t want to get married. In fact, some celebrities have also made “no marriage” declarations.

Girls’ Generation Sunny, “I think I’ll continue my single life”

Girls’ Generation member Sunny (real name Lee Soon Kyu, 34 years old) already revealed that she wanted to stay single a long time ago. Appearing on Mnet’s “TMI NEWS” in May 2021, Sunny, confessed, “When I was 19, I said on a broadcast that I had a celibacy mindset”, adding “Even now, I still think that I’ll continue my single life”. She emphasized, “I haven’t thought about getting married yet”.

snsd sunny

GOT7 BamBam, “I don’t want anyone to take away my life”

GOT7 member & singer BamBam (real name Kunpimook Bhuwakul, 26 years old) joined SBS’s “Master in the House” in January and firmly announced that he wouldn’t get married. He said, “I don’t want anyone to take away my life. I want to live happily alone. I don’t like living while having to be conscious of someone else’s opinions”.


The male singer revealed that he became more consistent with his “no marriage” decision after looking at his brother. BamBam shared, “My eldest brother recently got married. He told me that he was happy. Then they had a child and the kid is about three years old now. 3 months ago, his family came to Korea to visit me. I haven’t seen him for a while, but I felt so sorry for him”, adding “Should I say that he got old quickly?”.

Jung Hyuk, “People nowadays are more encouraged to stay single so they begin to listen to my story”

A few years ago, model Jung Hyuk (31 years old) also expressed his desire to stay single. In an interview for a magazine in 2018, he said, “I would only get married if I could afford that life. Marrying when I lack the abilities to bear the responsibilities from that is like falling off a cliff”.

In December last year, Jung Hyuk once again emphasized his stance on being single at the press conference of an SBS Plus program. He said, “I haven’t thought of marriage. I don’t want to do it and have no plan for it”, adding “I talked about how I preferred my single life a long time ago, but at that time, people criticized me, saying I was too young to say that. Since people are more encouraged to stay single, they begin to listen to my story”.

In addition, broadcaster Song Eun Yi (50 years old) appeared on tvN’s 2014 talk show “Taxi” and honestly confessed, “Marriage ranks low on my list of priorities”, adding “Among many things I think about, it’s my least priority.”

Source: Naver

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