Four times BLACKPINK Jennie challenges the public opinions  

BLACKPINK Jennie strives to live her authentic self without paying any mind to unwarranted hate. 

Regardless of controversies, it is no doubt that everything BLACKPINK Jennie does attracts attention. In the face of hate and criticism, Jennie lives her authentic self and does not care about others’ opinions. Through various ways, she shows that she is unaffected by hate comments and is free to do whatever she likes. 

Performing sensual choreography 

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In many of BLACKPINK’s performances, Jennie playfully added new twists on choreography and did provocative dance moves such as twerking to turn up stages. While she received backlash from the public, the main rapper of BLACKPINK does not let that stop her from having the time of her life while adding hype to concert performances. 

Joining “The Idol” 

Jennie’s acting debut – “The Idol” – was not a smooth ride. Jennie was criticized throughout 5 episodes, along with the overall series itself. The audience strongly condemned the choreographies Jennie performed in the series and stated they were too sexually explicit and actively damaged her long-built idol image. 

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However, Jennie said that the role was a challenge she was ready to take on to be braver. Coupled with the fact that Jennie has been in the entertainment industry for many years and can understand the public’s reactions, this can be considered her way to challenge the audience’s preconception and how she can break away from that stereotype. 

Wearing bold outfits 

Another way for Jennie to show her personality is through her clothes. The “SOLO” singer never shies away from sexy, revealing outfits. In “The Idol,” she boldly put on a 3D-printed top that revealed most of her chest area. 

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While the public condemns her style and disapproves of her choice, the idol never seems to falter and pushes forward with what she likes best. 

Subtly admit dating rumors with BTS V 

On July 12, Jennie posted on her Instagram an outfit set that strongly resembles the one from a viral clip supposedly of BTS V and Jennie’s night stroll in France in May. While Jennie did not explicitly refer to the event, fans took this as a subtle confirmation of the two’s relationship. In the past, many fans refused to believe the two people in the clip were V and Jennie. 

jennie blackpink bts v

This subtle act is Jennie’s way to show she is unafraid of public opinions and unaffected by dating rumors with BTS V. 

Source: KB 

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