A child actor is getting recognition for her acting by perfectly portraying 2 roles at a time

Child actor Choi Myung-bin have shown her perfect performance with a double role in “The King’s Affection”.

The first episode of KBS2’s ‘The King’s Affection” aired on October 11th opened with a twist in the life story of Dami (Choi Myung-bin), a royal family’s twin daughter, who was born secretly and her existence should not be discovered by anyone.

The first episode focused on telling about the crisis that happened suddenly due to the fate of Dam-i, who had disappeared from the palace because she was born a girl. Moreover, the story of Dami and her fresh and pure first love with Jung Ji-woon (Go Woo-rim) also gave off the fun and exciting atmosphere for the drama. Above all, the story developments that hinted at the tragic future of Dami and Ji-woon also made the viewers curious.

In particular, Choi Myung-bin played the role of the twin daughter who later became a Crown Prince, Lee Hwi, and the abandoned girl, Dami. Choi Myung-bin excited the viewers with the heart-fluttering romance with Ji-woon (Go Woo-rim, adult role by Rowoon), the son of a noble family. Moreover, she also shocked everyone by appearing as Lee Hwi, who died after being shot by an arrow in the ending scene of the 1st episode.

The viewers who watched the broadcast responded, “Although they were wearing the same clothes, they could be differentiated by their eyes and expressions”, “Yesterday’s episode made me immersed in the drama so much”

Meanwhile, “The King’s Affection” is a romance drama about a child who was born as twins but was abandoned for being a girl. After the death of her twin brother, she became the Crown Prince instead.

The first broadcast recorded a rating of 6.2% based on the figure released by Nielsen Korea, an audience rating survey company. This number signaled the birth of a well-made historical drama that will attract great attention from the audiences.

Choi Myung-bin, who has shown great performance in “The King’s Affection”, is also appearing in KBS2’s weekend drama “Young Lady and Gentlemen”. In this drama, Choi Myung-bin takes on the role of Lee Jae-ni, the eldest daughter of Lee Young-guk (Ji Hyun-woo).

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