Will aespa be able to shake the US with their first English single?

The newest SM girl group aespa is set to enter the global music market in earnest after 2 years of debut, starting with their English single “Life’s Too Short”.

aespa‘s new song “Life’s Too Short” will be released on June 24th at 1 pm (KST) on both domestic and overseas music sites. The song, which has English lyrics, will embody the aspiration to enjoy a life you only live once the way you want without regrets. Previously in April, aespa performed this song for the first time on the stage of Coachella, America’s largest outdoor music festival, receiving a warm response.


“Life’s Too Short” includes a catchy guitar riff, bright and hopeful vocals, alongside a music video that will be filled with positive energy. It will also show a melodious harmony of 4 aespa members, while being completely different from aespa’s previous powerful girl crush images. 

aespa will also hold a showcase to celebrate the release of “Life’s Too Short”. In particular, on June 26th (local time), they will appear at the “aespa Showcase Sync in LA‘ at the YouTube Theater in Los Angeles, USA, and once again come out in front of local fans. All seats for the showcase have been sold out, and an additional performance is scheduled on the 27th.


In this showcase, aespa plans to communicate with fans through talking and mini-game sessions, as well as a stage for their new song. The girl group is also expected to perform their hit tracks like “Black Mamba”, “Next Level”, and “Savage”.

aespa FLAUNT

Starting with this showcase, aespa will begin to enter the American music market in earnest. In July last year, the group signed with CAA, the largest entertainment and sports agency in the United States. They also recently entered a partnership with Warner Records, a global record label, providing a solid foothold for activities in the US.


On top of that, aespa seems to be determined to make a clear leap forward as a next-generation K-pop girl group by targeting the American music market with bright energy English singles. As Blackpink, who previously succeeded in taking over the United States as a K-pop girl group, is taking a long hiatus, attention is being paid to whether aespa will achieve their desired results through this strategic move.

After the LA showcase, aespa will release their 2nd mini album “Girls” simultaneously in Korea and America on July 8th. The album has since surpassed 1 million copies in pre-order within just 1 week of announcement, although no information was released at the time.


In August, the girl group plans to tackle the Japanese market. On August 6th and 7th, aespa will hold their first Japanese showcase at Pia Arena MM in Yokohama, Japan for two days and stand in front of Japanese fans. 

With their new releases, aespa will not only focus on Japan, where SM Entertainment has a strong tradition, but also on a wider global market.

Source: daum

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