LOONA’s former member Chuu donated all proceeds generated from the sale of goods to help the music industry

Chuu, the former member of the group LOONA, exerted a good influence.

On the 27th, Chuu‘s YouTube channel ‘지켜츄 Chuu Can Do It’ announced through the community, “All proceeds generated from the sale of goods at Jiwoo Store were donated to the ‘Korea Music Power Plant’.”

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She added, “Thanks to the support of many people, I was able to help the music industry. Thank you again, and please continue to support me in the future.”

The donation certificate released together says, “The donor donated to the Korea Music Power Plant to improve the welfare of musicians, so I give this certificate with gratitude,” and “The donation will be used preciously for the independence and music activities of senior and new musicians.”


Earlier, Chuu was expelled from LOONA due to issues of power abuse, such as abusive language toward the staff. In response, Chuu refuted that she had never done anything to embarrass fans, and broadcasting officials later released beautiful stories about Chuu. Since then, the two sides have been in conflict, with the contents of the message shared by Chuu and the agency official being released.

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