LOONA members are also the victims of “Chuu’s power abuse”? Another chat log revealed

The damage caused by Chuu’s “power abuse” allegedly went to LOONA’s members. A newly revealed chat log to prove this is expected to have an impact on the situation.

On Dec 22nd, SBS Entertainment News released some of the conversations between Chuu and her former agency Blockberry Creative’s Manager B through the mobile messenger KakaoTalk.

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According to the chat log, Chuu is seen sending somewhat rude remarks regarding her activities with LOONA, such as “If you do it this way, I can’t participate in the group activities,” “You sent it to the group chat room with the members without checking the timetable with me. Just know that this will be the last of it,” “If you’re going to make me wait like that, I’ll really quit right now. Are you really kidding me?”

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The activity timetable was checked in advance before being released, and the filming time was demanded to be adjusted for her. For this purpose, the other members’ discomfort seemed to have not been considered, as the agency feels like they “have to push the team and adjust in order for her to get off work first.”

When asked about the schedule being organized around Chuu during an interview, the person in charge of the filming schedule said, “The members felt alienated and were greatly confused,” and “The members must have had a hard time.”

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Regarding Chuu’s pay and debt with her agency, Chuu has allegedly demanded her pay to be separated from that of her members. When asked, “Are you paying off the group debt with the members as well?” she said she would leave the dorm and live with her family, and demanded that the accommodation cost be excluded from her activity cost.

Blockberry Creative announced on Dec 25th that it would remove Chuu from LOONA. The agency said, “There were reports related to Chuu’s abuse of power, including abusive language toward the staff, and our investigation has confirmed that fact.”


We have asked Blockberry Creative and others to clarify the related content, but they have not yet responded.

Chuu’s abusive remarks were revealed to be partially true after the chat log between Chuu and a manager in his 40s was recently released by the entertainment media Dispatch. Chuu sent messages such as “Are you not going to reply?” and “When will you guys do it properly, when I die?”

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The remaining 11 members, excluding Chuu, were promoting their comeback as LOONA next year, but postponed it indefinitely on Dec 22nd. On this day, Blockberry Creative announced on LOONA’s fancafe, saying, “The comeback activity is meaningless when various concerns about the members’ situation are not resolved.”

Source: TV Daily

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