J. Y. Park revealed his two daughters… “First ever pleasant show stoppage”

Singer J. Y. Park revealed his two daughters.

On Dec 28th, J. Y. Park posted a video with the hashtag “#JYPkids” and wrote, “First ever pleasant show stoppage.

Park Jin-young

This is the site of J. Y. Park’s recent concert. J. Y. Park’s two daughters appeared on stage and approached their father. J. Y. Park, who found his daughters, could not hide his laughter. He ran to his daughters, knelt down and hugged them tightly. The audience exclaimed, “Cute.

Park Jin-young

J. Y. Park caused laughter as he told his daughters, “I’ll sing a song then be with you. Go to your mom. I’ll sing then be with you.” His daughters listened to him and left the stage. J. Y. Park, who stood in the middle of the stage again, said, “Because I need to get into the breakup mood…

J. Y. Park married a woman 9 years younger than him in 2013 and they have 2 daughters.

Source: Nate

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