The reason why Cha Eun Woo’s agency Fantagio was mentioned in the ‘Chinese secret police’ case

While a Chinese restaurant in Gangnam, which has been designated as a “secret Chinese police base,” is drawing attention, its agency Fantagio is also mentioned by some.

According to a Hankyoreh report on the 26th, the actual owner of the Chinese restaurant is Wang, a Chinese national who runs HG Cultural Media.


Accordingly, netizens are paying attention to the relationship between Fantagio and the ‘Chinese Secret Police Station’.

Meanwhile, counterintelligence agencies believe the restaurant may be the base of Chinese secret police in South Korea and are currently investigating the situation.

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Fantagio is agency of many actors, such as Baek Yoon-sik, Cha Eun-woo, Moon Bin, Choi Yoo-jung, Kim Do-yeon, and Ong Seong-woo.

Source: nate

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