Knetizens debate on whether an orientation like TWICE or BLACKPINK is preferable

This is also a big concern of most fans when their idols reach a certain level of seniority.

Netizens in Korea recently had a heated debate on an online forum about the direction of K-pop groups’ activities. Many members of long-established groups appear to have begun to promote their individual activities. However, the question of whether or not to promote individual activities continues to be a source of debate among Kpop fans.

It can be said that most groups that have been active for a long time and have had a particular foothold to some extent tend to choose one of the following two paths:

1. Don’t get too caught up in personal activities; group promotion is still the primary goal.

TWICE is the typical representative of groups that put all their energy into group activities. Despite entering the 6th year of their career, the JYP girl group rarely promotes individual activities for each member.

2. Group promotion is no longer as important as it once was; members must be encouraged to carry out their own activities.

BLACKPINK is one of the most well-known examples of this type of operation. BLACKPINK members have been consistently supported by YG in their individual activities over the past few years, including solo albums, acting in movies, and working as brand ambassadors, etc.

Depending on the preferences of each person, the choice of netizens for the ideal direction of activities in Kpop is also very different. There are individuals who pick way number 1 because they want to see the group members interact, but there are also people who choose direction number 2 because they are concerned about their idols’ long-term future.

  • “I like 1 but considering my bias’ future, 2 is better”
  • “I’ll go with number two. Groups with members who have established solo careers tend to have a lot more stable and long-term careers. In the case of boybands, the management firm must begin planning before they join the army.”
  • “1. It’s always more interesting to watch group content”
  • “2. But the downside of 2 is that you get bored faster than being a fan of the whole group”
  • “I chose 2 because I usually prefer individual members to a whole group”
  • “If it’s a popular group, I would choose 1. But if after 5 years the group still can’t rise to fame, then 2 is the only option…”
  • “I used to choose 1 but now the most realistic choice is definitely 2…”
  • “1111111111, please… I don’t care about individual activities because I’m a fan of the whole group”
  • “If there’s at least 1 member I hate in the group, I’ll support 2 no matter what”
  • “1…. Isn’t the point of being a fan of a group to see the members interact with each other?”

So, what’s about your opinion?

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