Finding out the perfect ending for Woo Young Woo and Lee Jun Ho 

As the series is approaching its end, the audience is hoping for a positive ending to wrap up the series. 

The adorable love story in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” between Woo Young Woo and Lee Jun Ho is taking a dip after 13 episodes of joy and positive outlooks.

After hearing what Lee Jun Ho’s older sister commented about her, Woo Young Woo sets things straight and decides not to be in a relationship with Lee Jun Ho. surprised and angry at the same time,  Jun Ho thinks he is being too easy while  Young Woo is dealing with her insecurity and low self-esteem. 

With only one week left, the end for their relationship is left hanging with no further hints of how the knot will be untied. Some speculations can be made about their final ending.

It can be a happy ending with the two characters resolving their misunderstanding and getting back together. The pair get the support from both families and live happily ever after. It is a desired ending that the audience look forward to after 13 episodes of anticipation and buildup. The final positive note can guarantee a soaring rating. 

However, there is also a high chance that the series will take on an open ending for Young Woo and Jun Ho. While this series is branded to be a “healing” journey, that does not mind it cannot be realistic, and relationships are not an exception. While the words coming from Jun Ho’s sister are hard to hear, they contain an understandable perspective. While this ending can leave the viewers hung up, it creates a realistic tone where both can find their individual happiness. They can talk their problems out and support each other as friends or colleagues. 

The least possible ending is a sad and sorrowful one. While healing stories can have a degree of realism, a sad ending similar to the one in “Twenty Five Twenty One” is not up to choose for this series, especially as it can garner disenchantment and negative reaction for the series. 

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