“Squid Game 2” Leads Park Gyu-young and Lee Jung-jae Spotted in Milan

Actors Lee Jung-jae and Park Gyu-young, the protagonists of Netflix’s “Squid Game 2,” are drawing attention as they attend a fashion show held in Italy side by side

Lee Jung-jae and Park Gyu-young attended the fashion show of the luxury brand at Milan Fashion Week in Italy on the 22nd local time as guests.

Lee Jung-jae appeared in a stylish outfit, wearing a blue jacket over a sky-blue shirt, paired with brown pants. He also used accessories like the necklace peeking through his shirt.

lee jung jae

Park Gyu-young, on the other hand, presented a different and “hip” fashion style from what viewers are used to seeing in her dramas. She wore a dark red oversized jacket over a black top and paired it with wide denim pants, showcasing a cool fashion sense. Her slightly covered bangs and chic hairstyle also left a lasting impression.

Although there are no photos of Lee Jung-jae and Park Gyu-young together, the fact that the two lead actors of the highly anticipated “Squid Game 2” attended the same fashion show in Milan has excited fans.

park gyu young

Lee Jung-jae is set to reprise his role as Seong Gi-hun, the main character in “Squid Game 2.” While Park Gyu-young’s casting was officially announced in June, no specific information about her role has been revealed.

Since the casting announcement, Park Gyu-young has been tight-lipped about “Squid Game 2.” In an interview related to “Celebrity,” where she also starred as the main character, she mentioned that she thinks highly of the series and hinted that she does not want to give away any details.


In an interview with JTBC’s “Newsroom” in August, Park Gyu-young was asked about “Squid Game 2.” She mentioned, “It’s a bit difficult to give specific details, but I’m enjoying the filming process very much.” She also expressed her admiration for the staff and production team’s passion and dedication, promising to do her best to meet their expectations.

In addition to Park Gyu-young, “Squid Game 2” is expected to introduce new characters. However, there was heated controversy surrounding the casting of BIGBANG member T.O.P (real name Choi Seung-hyun) in “Squid Game 2”.

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