Lee Sun Bin gives hints about “Work Later, Drink Now 2”, “The friendship of the three friends will experience growing pains to mature”

Actress Lee Sun Bin revealed that the drama “Work Later, Drink Now” will return with a more dynamic story in Season 2.

The broadcast of MC FM4U’s “Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song of Hope” featured singer Navi as a special DJ and actress Lee Sun Bin as a guest.

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Lee Sun Bin stars in TVing’s original series “Work Later, Drink Now 2”, which is scheduled to premiere on December 9th. In Season 1, she plays the role of broadcast writer Ahn So Hee and depicted a touching friendship of three best friends together with Jung Eun Ji and Han Sun Hwa

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On the radio, Lee Sun Bin boasted about her real-life chemistry with Jung Eun Ji and Han Sun Hwa. She said, “Both of them understand me well. Whenever we gather at each other’s home, I think spending time together until 4~5 a.m is not enough for us”, adding “We met recently. We planned to gather for a short while but ended up talking until dawn.”

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The actress continued, “Eun Ji unnie is a good listener. When we talk, she understands us well and often gives useful comments”, adding “Sun Hwa unnie has a great sense. She suddenly added ad-libs at unexpected times”, showing affection for her two co-stars.

Regarding Season 2, Lee Sun Bin said, “We began filming in June, which is the hottest month in a year. It also rained a lot this summer. The shooting didn’t go well in the beginning”, adding “I’ll say this because the teaser was already released. We shot many scenes in mountainous regions. We traveled to so many places that I can’t tell which provinces I haven’t been to.”

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She shared, “Since we received so much love in Season 1, we filmed Season 2 with the great desire to repay viewers. That’s why we worked hard and visited all 8 provinces of Korea.”

Revealing her expectations for Season 2, Lee Sun Bin confessed, “During the time we were filming Season 1, the writer, director, and production team said that they would consider making Season 2 if the drama performed well, and had already been writing the script”, adding “Actors all understood that Season 1 must do well if we wanted to continue with Season 2.”

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Regarding the changes compared to the previous season, Lee Sun Bin said, “Its story is very dynamic. There will be various deep stories about the friendship of the three friends”, adding “Just as people mature over time, our friendship also experiences growing pains to mature.”

She continued, “New characters will also appear, and they will cause changes in the life of the three of us”, adding “Please look forward to how the love line between Si Won and me will develop”.

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Lee Sun Bin then mentioned actors Yoon Si Yoon and Yoo In Young, who joins Season 2, saying, “Yoon Si Yoon sunbaenim made a short appearance in Season 1. I felt thankful that he would also appear in Season 2.”

In addition, she said, “Yoo In Young sunbaenim plays a new character, and I was very surprised to see her performance at the script reading. I reflected on myself a lot”, adding “Her line diction and acting was very important for ‘Work Later, Drink Now’. The drama will be really interesting. I’m looking forward to watching her scenes.”

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Unlike her character in “Work Later, Drink Now”, Lee Sun Bin actually can’t drink alcohol. The actress said, “When I was young, I wanted to be an idol so I worked very hard. Then I became a freelance model and have been working nonstop”, adding “I didn’t have time to learn how to drink alcohol from anyone. My family members also don’t drink”.  

She then confessed, “Since I started working without going to college, I’ve never learned the drinking culture like other students”, adding “I can’t drink Americano either because of its bitter taste.”

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Lee Sun Bin shared, “Alcohol is also a little bitter for me. I prefer drinking fruit-flavored beers like a kind of soft drink while eating”. She added, “I act the same way even when I don’t drink. Sometimes people think I’m already drunk because of my high tension.”

DJ Navi then asked, “Then how can you act out the expression of getting drunk so well?”, Lee Sun Bin said, “As I don’t drink, I observe others. I observed how people behave when they got drunk, such as crying. That experience helped me act comfortably.”

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Regarding her Jeolla-do dialect when playing Ahn So Hee, Lee Sun Bin, who is from Cheonan, Chungnam-do, said, “Jeolla-do dialect was really difficult, but I had lots of friends who are from Jeolla-do regions”, adding “I actually think it is easier than Busan dialect. Many people told me that it is easier for Chungnam people to copy Jeolla-do dialect than those from other regions.”

TVing’s original drama “Work Later, Drink Now 2”, which will premiere on December 9th, depicts the daily stories of three women whose belief in life is one drink at the end of the day.

Source: Daum

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