Top 10 K-pop idols who make the most money on Instagram

With a huge number of followers on Instagram, K-pop idols can make a staggering amount of money.

The growth of Korean music helps idols earn huge amounts of money.  Besides the main activities, social networks also generate a large income for idols.  With their Instagram accounts, BLACKPINK, EXO, and G-Dragon can be paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for each post.

Top 10 K-pop idols Instagram

1. Lisa

 Lisa is the most popular K-pop star on Instagram even though she is not Korean.  Lisa’s Instagram account has more than 44.5 million followers, the most among K-pop idols today.  Lisa’s estimated cost per Instagram sponsored post is up to $ 200,000.

Top 10 K-pop idols Instagram

2. Jennie

 While Lisa held the # 1 position, another BLACKPINK member also followed in terms of influence on Instagram – Jennie.  Jennie’s followers are growing rapidly and have surpassed 37.5 million followers.  It is estimated that the female idol can receive 170 thousand USD for each advertisement.  In addition to the main Instagram account, Jennie also has a secondary account, lesyeuxdenini, where she shows her personal life, her photography skills.

Top 10 K-pop idols Instagram

3. Rosé

 The next place continues to belong to BLACKPINK member – Rosé.  The group’s main vocalist is currently the Global Ambassador of YSL and her Instagram account attracts 34 million followers.  Each of her posts is estimated to receive $ 160,000.

Top 10 K-pop idols Instagram

4. Jisoo

 Like other members of BLACKPINK, Jisoo shows off many different styles of herself on Instagram.  Through Jisoo’s posts, fans will see Jisoo introduce the top fashion and beauty products of Korea.  In addition, Jisoo also posted photos showing her natural beauty.  In 2020, she even posted more images than the other members.  Each post by Jisoo is estimated to be paid 150,000 USD.

Top 10 K-pop idols Instagram

5. Chanyeol (EXO)

 Chanyeol created an Instagram account in 2014 and quickly became the top male idol on this social network.  He used to have a period of fierce competition with G-Dragon in terms of followers.  Following Chanyeol’s Instagram, fans can easily see that he is a hard fan of art and design.  With 22.6 million followers, Chanyeol can receive $ 140 thousand per advertisement.

Top 10 K-pop idols Instagram

6. Sehun (EXO)

 Sehun is a male idol who works hard on Instagram and regularly interacts with fans.  He posts a lot of behind-the-scenes photos or personal travel photos.  In EXO, the number of followers of Sehun is only less than Chanyeol.  His advertising posts are estimated to receive $ 130,000.

Top 10 K-pop idols Instagram

7. G-Dragon (BIGBANG)

 The K-pop star that audiences are always interested in on Instagram is G-Dragon (BIGBANG).  His Instagram used to have an inactive time because of his enlistment.  From the end of 2019, G-Dragon began to have new posts on Instagram.  The leader of BIGBANG rarely posts pictures showing splendid visuals. His posts mainly show his love for paintings, even excerpts of philosophers and poets.  120,000 USD is the amount G-Dragon can get for each promotional posts.

Top 10 K-pop idols Instagram

8. Baekhyun (EXO)

 Baekhyun doesn’t usually work on Instagram but any of Baekhyun’s posts show a side of his life.  On Instagram, fans will find selfies, photos taken with friends, or images of Baekhyun’s puppy.  On holidays, Baekhyun will send a special message to fans.  The amount he earns for an advertising post is 130 thousand USD.

Top 10 K-pop idols Instagram

9. Jackson (GOT7)

 Jackson is the rapper of GOT7 and also a solo singer.  He uses Instagram to update his personal activities as well as promote GOT7.  Possessing a variety of styles, Jackson is chosen by fashion brands to promote their products. He receives about 120 thousand USD per post.

Top 10 K-pop idols Instagram

10. IU

 IU’s Instagram account provides behind-the-scenes photos of the female idol’s activities and daily photos.  IU also has a hobby of updating fans of her favorite drink every day.  She works very hard on Instagram and can receive $ 100,000 per post.

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