NewJeans, who made bread with their debut song, was selected as a new model for a fashion brand

NewJeans is taking their first steps in the fashion world

On the 6th, fashion brand 5252 Bio O!Oi selected NewJeans as the brand’s new model and pre-released some pictorials of them.

NewJeans has recently completed a photo shoot for the brand and is planning to engage in full-scale modeling activities starting with the 22FW collection.

An official of 5252 Bio O!Oi said, “The reason for choosing NewJeans as a model is because they have created a breath of fresh air with a natural mood while keeping freshness and being selected as a model in line with NewJeans’ brand orientation.”

In the released photo, NewJeans showed off a trendy and sporty style, while showing off the free and lively charms like girls in teen movies.

NewJeans created a free vibe by mixing sweatshirts with O!Oi’s logo, hoodie shirts, turtlenecks, and knit cardigans.

Above all, Hanni showed off a cool and sophisticated style by matching the deep green signature hoodie with sweatpants and layering a tartan check skirt over it.

NewJeans, which debuted in July of this year, quickly achieved many good results with ‘Attention’ and ‘Hype Boy’. The group was also evaluated as a candidate for this year’s rookie award.

Source: Wikitree

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