IVE or NewJeans?… Which girl group will receive the Rookie of the Year award?

The competition for the Rookie of 2022 award between girl groups has never been this hot. 

Prominent girl groups, such as IVE, Kep1er, NMIXX, LE SSERAFIM, and NewJeans, appeared in the music industry altogether in 2022. It is not exaggerated to say that if they debuted in different years, they would all win the rookie award with their amazing influence. As such powerful groups made their debut in the same year, it is inevitable that they have to fight for the Rookie of the Year award.

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Since the season of music awards ceremonies to be held from the end of this year until the beginning of next year is expected to begin in earnest with the 2022 The Fact Music Awards, which has been scheduled for October 8th, the war of nerves between music fans regarding the competition for the Rookie of the Year award is arousing keen interest. Among the candidates, IVE and NewJeans are considered the two groups that are most likely to win the Rookie award.


◆ IVE, more than a “monster rookie”… The group that has done excellent enough to go beyond the Rookie award and reach the Grand Prize (Daesang)

IVE, which debuted in December last year and recently celebrated its 300th day, actually places No.0 in the Rookie of the Year competition at the end of this year.

IVE has proved itself as a representative group in name and in reality by releasing three consecutive hit songs, starting with their debut title “Eleven”, “Love Dive” and the August release “After LIKE”. The girls have just debuted within less than a year, but they already set an unprecedented record of winning a total of 30 No.1s on music shows with only 3 singles. 

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Holding the No.1 trophy with “Eleven” a week after their debut, IVE showed off their outstanding potential by achieving 13 music program wins, including triple crowns (KBS 2TV’s “Music Bank” – 3 wins, MBC’s “Show! Music Core” – 4 wins, and SBS’s “Inkigayo” – 3 wins). “Love Dive” also topped various music shows. It even climbed back on charts and boasted extraordinary popularity by taking home 10 music show trophies even after the song promotion ended. The girl group also gained 11 No.1s with “After LIKE”, setting an overwhelming record of topping weekly music show rankings 34 times within a year. 

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Not stopping there, IVE also dominated online music charts. From their debut title “Eleven”, IVE topped the Melon monthly digital chart in June with “Love Dive”. The group rose to No.1 a week after release with “After LIKE” and remains on the top even after a month. Meanwhile “Eleven” and “Love Dive” are still charting in TOP 10 and TOP 10, respectively, and showing no signs of charting out. In addition to domestic rankings, “After LIKE” also entered many charts on overseas music sites, such as Billboard and Spotify, following the previous two singles. 

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In addition, IVE’s power in physical sales is also unrivaled compared to their rival girl groups. As of August 27th, their first single “Eleven” recorded 381,883 cumulative sales, and the second single “Love Dive” reportedly sold 713,232 copies. Until the end of September, 1,111,117 copies of “After LIKE” had been successfully purchased by fans around the world. Overall, IVE has sold approximately 2.2 million album copies with only three singles.

In particular, the latest release “After LIKE” achieved 924,363 copies in total during the first-week sales period, which tripled the records of the previous works and gained the “half million seller” title.  This is the highest record among rookie groups that debuted from 2021 to 2022.


There is literally no one who can overwhelm IVE among the singers who did well with both digital and physical this year. Therefore, the possibility of IVE winning the Daesang is expected to be even more than that of the Rookie Award. 

◆ A march of first and fattest records… NewJeans debuted late but caused a great sensation in the music industry

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New Jeans, which is competitive in the K-pop scene with IVE’s dominance, is another rising star. The girl group, which was first introduced in August under ADOR led by CEO Min Hee-jin, emerged as a “rising artist” around the world as soon as they released their debut album “New Jeans”. Those who caused a change in perceptions in the music industry right after they debuted broke many first and fastest records with their debut album, proudly decorating their discography with various all-time achievements.

According to Melon on September 30th, New Jeans’s debut tracks “Attention” and “Hybe Boy” were still ranking 1st and 2nd on Melon’s “TOP 100”. Some girl groups did top the Melon chart with their debut songs, but NewJeans is the first to dominate both No.1 and No.2 spots on TOP 100 with their debut.


In fact, NewJeans’s “Attention” ranked 9th on “TOP 100” at midnight on August 2nd, only 6 hours after its release. After becoming the “debut song to enter TOP 10 in the shortest time” record, “Attention” rose gradually to reach “TOP 100” No.1 on August 9th, 197 hours after its release. This achievement helped NewJeans’s title set the new record of being the girl group’s debut song that tops “TOP 100” in the shortest time.

The combined number of streams of all the songs in NewJeans’s debut album “New Jeans” reached 2 million after only 24 hours and surpassed 13 million within 7 days of its release. Among debut albums of groups that have debuted since 2019, “New Jeans” is the only album that exceeded 10 million streams in total within the first release week.


The craze created by NewJeans is not limited to Korea. The girl group charted on Spotify’s “U.S Weekly Top Song” for the first time, making “Attention” the first K-pop group’s debut song to appear in this chart. In addition, NewJeans also surpassed 10 million monthly listeners (within the last 28 days) on September 19th. ADOR’s rookie group has also stayed in the U.S. Billboard chart for eight consecutive weeks and is continuing its long-run success.


If NewJeans’s popularity has been proved by their digital performances, their strong fandom is also confirmed by physical album sales records. A total of 311,271 copies of NewJeans’s debut album were sold within a week (August 8~14) after the release of the album (on August 8th), which is the highest first-week sales in the history of girl group debut albums.

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