IVE cannot be underestimated: strong and steady rise on Melon, impressive physical sales

IVE is showing a good start as they are receiving good results in both physical and digital sales for their debut album “ELEVEN”.

IVE – the highly anticipated rookie girl group of Starship Entertainment – has officially entered the K-Pop scene last week. IVE’s debut has been in the center of attention from K-netizens, not just because Jang Wonyoung and Ahn Yujin are ex-members of IZ*ONE, but also due to the promising talents and eye-catching visual of all 6 members.


At 18:00 Dec 1st (KST), IVE released their 1st single album “ELEVEN” with the same-name title track and the b-side called “Take It”. The MV for the title track “ELEVEN” was also uploaded on the group’s official Youtube channel. According to the introduction, “ELEVEN” is a pop-dance track that can emphasize the mysterious sexy charm of all 6 members. The lyrics describe the mysterious heart of a lovely girl when she is in love. Even though “ELEVEN” is based on a simple-ish beat, the rapid change in tempo creates an interesting atmosphere.

After its release, “ELEVEN” has received many controversial feedbacks from K-netizens. Some said the song was good, but not as much as they had expected of IVE. The girls are also compared EVERGLOW as their song’s melodies and concepts are quite similar. These must be the reasons why “ELEVEN” didn’t receive a high digital result right after its release.

As of 11:30 Dec 2nd (KST), “ELEVEN” could only get into the Bugs chart (in #4) in the iChart system, while it couldn’t even appear in the top 100 on other main charts, especially Melon.

IVE chart

However, IVE’s fandom is not disappointed by this at all. To the, IVE is still a rookie while “ELEVEN” is a song that needs to be replayed many times to like it, which means Korean netizens will soon like it. IVE’s fandom seems to have guessed it right as “ELEVEN”’s digital sales are rising.

As of Dec 3rd, “ELEVEN” started to appear on Melon, FLO, and Genie Top 100, showing a very steady climb. The track is currently in the top 20 of all iChart’s charts including Bugs, Genie, FLO, and Melon. IVE is currently the only group that debuted in 2021 to have such a good digital result.


The song peaked at No. 3 Bugs, No. 13 Melon TOP 100, No. 13 Genie, and No. 17 FLO at 11 p.m. (KST) on December 5. Also on Melon, the song drew 127,210 unique listeners (ULs), up 1,645 from the previous hour. This demonstrates that the song is beginning to gain a lot of attention from netizens, and there are signs that it will continue to improve in the near future, possibly even breaking into the Top 10 if it weren’t for the songs from ‘Show Me The Money 10’ receiving too much love.

IVE chart

The group’s album sales are also quite good.  Single album ‘ELEVEN‘ after 4 days of opening has recorded 125,144 copies, which is also the highest number that a rookie group in 2021 can reach.  This is also the best-selling album on the Daily Hanteo chart.  For now, IVE’s first week sales are still growing, and by the first day of the week, it’s likely to continue to skyrocket.

IVE chart

It can be said that for a rookie from a medium-sized company like IVE, this is an extremely respectable achievement.  Even Knetizens are amazed by how well the group is doing.  Here are some of Netizens’ comments:

  • Seriously, their album is selling well… As expected, their fandom is growing well ㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ Congratulations IVE.
  • As soon as IVE came out, there were a lot of articles saying that the group would flop.  But as expected, whoever gets hate in Pann will be famous soon.
  • As soon as I did hear their song, I liked it. I keep replaying the song because it is so catchy.
  • Wow wait, ‘ELEVEN’ is doing well on digital music charts!!
  • IVE has entered the TOP 20 of all digital music charts!!  Congratulations!!
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