Yoo Jae-suk playing with Song Ji-hyo’s short haircut: “Mrs. Geum Bo-ra, I’m enjoying your drama”

Song Ji-hyo got her hair cut short for the first time after her debut, and Yoo Jae-suk joked by calling her “Mrs. Geum Bo-ra”.

SBS’s entertainment show “Running Man”, which aired on Dec 5th, featured Yang Se-chan’s birthday as its theme.

running man

During the recording, a mission to set up Yang Se-chan’s birthday table was carried out, and Yoo Jae-suk then started a situation play with Song Ji-hyo by saying, “I’m enjoying your drama, Mrs. Geum Bo-ra,” causing laughter.

The production team also added fun to the situation by putting a photo of actor Geum Bo-ra in short hair on the screen.

geum bo ra

After that, the member still continued with the situation play by calling Song Ji-hyo “Mrs Geum Bo-ra”.

Meanwhile, Song Ji-hyo, who has been keeping her long hair for quite a long time, has recently shown off her boyish charm by cutting her hair short.

song ji hyo

As the new hair is still unfamiliar to many, some of her fans had issued a statement, demanding a better styling because to them, it doesn’t suit Song Ji-hyo.

However, according to AtStyle, Song Ji-hyo had her hair cut short on her own will. It is good to break away from the passive fandom culture of unconditional support, but it also seems necessary to improve the fandom-scale action of slandering the agency and staff without confirming the facts.

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