Even Jay Park was shocked by this female singer’s spicy twerking 

A female singer managed to fluster Jay Park by her bold twerking moves while wearing hot pants.

Recently, a video of Jay Park and female independent singer Queen Wa$abii performing together at a past event was posted on TikTok, causing a stir.

Queen Wasabi jay park

In the video, Jay Park can be seen wearing a black sleeveless shirt and black pants, as he passionately performs his hit song “MOMMAE.”

However, what caught everyone’s attention during the live performance was Queen Wa$abii, who was dancing beside Jay Park.

Wearing hot pants and a cropped vest over her bikini, Queen Wa$abii flaunted her glamorous figure. In addition, Jay Park was shocked by this female singer, as she started to lean on him and twerked to the rhythm of “MOMMAE”, in her spicy hot pants. 

Queen Wasabi jay park

As Queen Wa$abii’s impressive twerking moves continued, the dancers and audience at the scene erupted with cheers.

Despite being taken aback by Queen Wa$abii’s twerking and showing his surprise, Jay Park stilled delivered an intense rap that excited the audience even more.

On another note, Jay Park, born in 1987, is seven years older than Queen Wa$abii, who was born in 1994.

These two have been showcasing a special friendship, appearing together in recent interviews and singing duets, among other things.


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