Son Ye Jin and her extremely caring habit of always directly informing her fans of big news

Famous actress Son Ye Jin always puts her fans first whenever she makes important announcements.

There’s no denying that Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin, who got married back in March, are a “golden couple” of Korean showbiz. Famous as they are, the husband and wife make headlines with everything they do, and yet Son Ye Jin never fails to care for her fans. 

In particular, Son Ye Jin would update fans with important news in her life, sharing her happiness with those who have always supported her. As a result, many people praise the actress for always announcing things at the proper time, so fans don’t have to worry about baseless rumors or gossip.

Recently, the actress has published 3 posts filled with carefully selected words, where she shared love, joy, and happiness with fans, as well as let them know the important milestones of her life.  

First, Son Ye Jin announced her relationship with famous actor Hyun Bin. After media sites revealed the two’s romance, Son Ye Jin published a post herself on the first day of the year, saying: “While I don’t know how to properly express things, I feel the need to share with you guys. You know, I’m feeling rather shy and strange. I’m grateful to have met a man as great as him, and I will try to maintain the relationship with good feelings. I will always keep in my heart your continual love and precious support, and hope that everyone will be greeted with good things in this new year.”

Next, the actress disclosed she’s getting married to Hyun Bin on her personal SNS through emotional words, which shows her gratefulness towards fans: “When I’m with him, I feel warm and protected. Together, let’s celebrate the start of our future. And to my dearest fans, from whom I have received unconditional love for ushc a long period of time, no words can describe my gratefulness to all of you. Thank you, and I wish you happiness.” 

Finally, Son Ye Jin recently revealed her pregnancy, once again through a post filled with beautiful words. In particular, the actress said: “I’m here to tell you some careful and happy news. A new life has come to us. I’m still puzzled, but I’m feeling the changes in my body everyday amid the anxiety and excitement. I’m so grateful, but I’m also very careful that I haven’t told anyone around me yet. We’d like to deliver this news as soon as possible to our fans and people around us who are waiting for this news as much as we do.

For every important milestone of her life, Son Ye Jin always thinks of her fans first, and always delivers news to them using the most beautiful words. Therefore, the actress is praised to be one of the most caring towards fans in the industry. 

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