“Love In Spring,” a romantic historical drama based on a popular webtoon, to be released on May 18th

On May 6th, Watcha announced that the romantic historical drama “Love In Spring,” which is based on the famous webtoon of the same name, will be released on May 18th. “Love In Spring” depicts an interesting story that happens when the main character, who tries to take off his slave status, gets married while crossdressing as a woman.

Love In Spring

Actor Yoo Young-jae, who is a former member of the idol group B.A.P and has proven his acting skills through Mr. Queen and “Police University,” plays Jin Geum-sung, a poor but upright nobleman. Actor Kim Song-eun, who has shown stable acting skills in “School 2017,” plays Choi Hye-sung (Salbyul), who will marry Jin Geum-sung by disguising himself as a woman with a story. Actor Woo Tae-ha, who debuted with “Love Alarm,” plays Min Seo-yoon, the only son of Min Dae-gam, who is given the mission to seek and kill the runaway slave. He is predicted to lead a tense love triangle while chasing Salbyul.

Love In Spring

“Love In Spring” is a youth romance historical drama between three men, and has been attracting enthusiastic expectations from fans since the news of its production was announced. “Love In Spring” is expected to not only show a thrilling chase of three intertwined characters but also catch the eye of international viewers with the beauty of sophisticated hanbok. Attention is focusing on whether Watcha, which is leading the BL genre trend with its series “Semantic Error,” will be able to succeed again with “Love In Spring.”

Love In Spring

Meanwhile, “Love In Spring” is made into a total of 16 episodes. Only the 1st and 2nd episodes will be released on May 18th. After that, you can watch two episodes every Wednesday at 5 p.m.


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