Every Korean follows BLACKPINK Jisoo’s Instagram twice? Park Myung Soo greatly humbled

BLACKPINK Jisoo rendered Park Myung Soo speechless by revealing the number of people following her on Instagram. 

On April 14th, a video titled “How can BLACKPINK’s Jisoo be a female version of Park Myung Soo?” was published on the YouTube channel “HalMyungSoo”. It is known Jisoo appeared as a guest on the show in order to promote her solo album “ME”. 


In the video, the show’s host, comedian Park Myung Soo, decided to show off his personal achievements. In particular, Park Myung Soo bragged with pride, saying, “My channel reached 1,050,000 subscribers!” 

The comedian even brought out his YouTube gold button, saying that he needed something to show to Jisoo, a “world-class idol”. He even asked Jisoo if she was envious of him.


However, Jisoo gently humbled Park Myung Soo by revealing that her YouTube channel has over 4 million subscribers, thanks to the support of fans across the world. 

Unwilling to back down, Park Myung Soo said, “I have 1,500,000 followers on Instagram”, and asked Jisoo how many followers she has. 

At this, Jisoo laughed and shocked the comedian by saying that she has “somewhere around 70 million” followers on Instagram. 

Park Myung Soo, who was taken aback, couldn’t help but gape and express his admiration. “Meaning every citizen in Korea follows you twice?”, he asked, adding, “Man, I’m so envious. When she is touring around the world, I tour around Gyeonggi-do.”

Source: YouTube

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