Song Ji-hyo to take legal actions against malicious rumors and comments

Actress Song Ji-hyo revealed she would take strong actions against malicious rumors and comments.

song ji-hyo

On January 4th, Song Ji-hyo‘s agency Creative Group ING posted on its official Instagram, “We would like to express our gratitude to many fans who always support our actress Song Ji-hyo, and we would like to inform you about our response to the infringement of our actors’ rights.”

“Regarding actress Song Ji-hyo, malicious and defaming rumors, posts and comments based on false facts and on online communities, social networking services (SNS), and portal sites are becoming more serious day by day,” the agency said, “Posting defamation articles based on groundless and unconfirmed facts is a clearly illegal act and the subject of our strong legal action.”

song ji-hyo

The agency added, “We were aware of such actions that against the laws with our own monitoring and via reports from fans as malicious articles and groundless rumors from the past has continued to be created online”, adding, “We tried to understand and consider this freedom of personal expression that can occur anywhere on the Internet, but eventually came to a conclusion that we can no longer sit still”.

song ji-hyo

They continued, “Accordingly, our company is planning to strengthen the protection of our actors and will take strong legal actions against malicious acts in the future. We want to clearly emphasize that there will be no mercy or agreement in this process”. Lastly, the agency said via official email, “We will continue to try our best to protect actress Song Ji-hyo’s personality and honor as well as provide support for her entertainment activities carefully.”

song ji-hyo

Meanwhile, Song Ji-hyo is currently active as a cast member of SBS’s show “Running Man


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