Dawn reveals the reason he took off his top when performing at a university festival with Hyuna

Dawn explained why he appeared half-naked on the stage of a recent university festival.

Singer Dawn appeared as a surprise guest on SBS Power FM’s “Cultwo Show” for the challenge section of comedian Kwak Beom,

Dawn appeared, Kim Tae-kyun introduced, “This is Dawn, who is famous as Hyuna’s boyfriend”. As soon as he saw Dawn’s costume, he complimented, “You dressed up cutely today.”

dawn cultwo show

In response, Dawn explained, “I was supposed to change my clothes before coming here but my first schedule today was a dance recording. There was not much time after I finished that schedule so I just came here right away”. He continued, “I thought it wouldn’t be too embarrassing. But reality hit me when I met girl group members at the broadcasting station. I was so embarrassed”, drawing laughter.

dawn cultwo show

When asked if he felt hot, Dawn said, “Luckily, it’s quite cool in here”, adding, “Wearing the gloves and bag is less embarrassing”. Revealing that there were KF94 masks in his bag, Dawn said, “This item is really necessary these days”. 

dawn cultwo show

Kim Tae-kyun commented “You look like Hyuna today. So lovely” and asked about Dawn’s current situation. Dawn replied, “While taking a rest after ‘Ping Pong’ album promotion ended, I suddenly thought ‘I shouldn’t be like this. I may disappear if I rest for too long’ and then worked hard on producing new songs.” Dawn is scheduled to release a new song today (June 16th).

dawn cultwo show

Kim Tae-kyun continued, “The video showing your surprise appearance during Hyuna’s performance at a university festival became a hot topic. You didn’t just go on the stage. You even took off your top.”

In response, Dawn drew attention by revealing a behind-the-scenes story. He said, “I told her (Hyuna) that I didn’t want to do it, ‘Don’t make me take off my top. I won’t do it’. But she kept telling me to do so. She kept asking and I kept refusing. Then, Hyuna gathered the dancers and told them to take off my top.”

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Source: daum

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