BamBam bought a special gift for “Transit Love 2” Hae Eun, who always burns her face when using hair straighteners

BamBam, who was the MC of the dating show “Transit Love 2”, prepared a special gift for Sung Hae Eun by himself.

On January 20th, BamBam’s Youtube channel “Bam Home” uploaded a video titled “Seeing each other only through a screen, Hae Eun and Bam Bam met”.

The video shows Sung Hae Eun, who drew attention with TVing’s “Transit Love 2”, appearing as a guest. 

Bam Bam, who was the MC of “Transit Love”, was very happy to meet Sung Hae Eun, whom he could only see on the dating show’s VCR. 

Receiving the invitation from BamBam, Hae Eun showed her excitement like a kid.


On this day, the two showed their affection and admiration for each other. At the end of the video, BamBam took out a gift box he bought and prepared for Hae Eun.

The gift was none other than an expensive air wrap for hair. It was a perfect gift for Hae Eun, who always burned her face when using the hair straightener on the show.


Surprised by BamBam’s gift, Hae Eun couldn’t close her mouth and looked very touched. She responded, “Oh. What should I do with this guy”.

BamBam sweetly said, “I really wanted to give you this. Face is a very important part of your body. I hope you don’t get hurt anymore.”

Source: Insight

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