Chuu’s careless remark during Tanghulu mukbang sparks controversy, “People who eat street food may die early”

Former LOONA member Chuu was criticized for making a reckless remark about street food on a mukbang content.

Chuu recently appeared on the Youtube channel of model Park Jenny. Chuu and Park Jenny, who transformed into senior and junior students of Hanlim Arts School, hosted a mukbang with a high school concept.

In the video, Jenny gave Chuu a pineapple Tanghulu. Jenny said, “Pineapple Tanghulu is very hot on SNS”. In response, Chuu exclaimed, “Oh, what’s this? That’s amazing. PT teacher, please close your eyes”.

chuu park jenny

Taking a bit of the Tanghulu, Chuu said, “I think I need to go to the dentist. Chef Baek Jong Won may like this taste. It’s full of sugar”, making the gesture of sprinkling sugar on the Tanghulu.

Chuu then said, “Ya, if you eat this, you’ll get diabetes”. The production team of the Youtube content asked Chuu if it was the first time she ate Tanghulu, Chuu replied, “Yes”, surprising everyone.

Regarding the reason why she didn’t try Tanghulu before, Chuu said, “I think food sold on the streets is not very healthy. I thought ‘Ah~ kids who eat such things may die early?’. But I like this taste”.


Tanghulu is a Chinese fruit candy that is currently a trend among young people these days. It is a snack that you eat by putting sugar syrup on fruits, such as strawberries, tomatoes, and grapes. As Tanghulu became a trend, the craze of making content about Tanghulu on social media and content platforms like Youtube 

Chuu’s reason for not eating Tanghulu sparked controversy. Since there are many other street foods other than Tanghulu, Chuu’s general comment that people who eat street food may die early was criticized. 

Although she just made an honest confession, an unexpected controversy arose, leading to heated debates with divided opinions on the Internet.

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