“Goblin” star Go Soo Jung who died at the age of 25 while fighting brain tumor… Today is the 3rd anniversary of her death

It’s been three years since “Goblin” actress Go Soo Jung passed away due to a chronic illness. 

The news of Go Soo Jung’s death was announced on Feb 12th, 2020, five days after she died.

go soo jung

At that time, her agency said, “Actress Go Soo Jung recently left the world and became a shining star in the sky”. The funeral of the deceased was held privately in accordance with the will of the bereaved family, and her coffin was borne out on Feb 9th under the strict observation of her family.

The cause of Go Soo Jung’s death is known to be due to a brain tumor. The fact that the late actress died due to worsening conditions while fighting the brain tumor drew regret from everyone.


No one knows the exact date of Go Soo Jung’s death because her agency did not disclose it when reporting the sad news. However, based on the information that the deceased’s coffin was borne out on the 9th, the majority of netizens believed that the date of her death was the 7th, and Go Soo Jung’s death was also marked as February 7th on her profile in portal sites.

Her agency shared, “We will forever remember actress Go Soo Jung, who used to brighten the world with her smile. Please pray for the repose of the deceased.”

Go Soo Jung made her debut in 2016 through tvN’s “Goblin”. In the drama, she played one of the ghosts hovering around Ji Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun) and worked with various actors, such as Hwang Seok Jung, Park Kyung Hye, etc. She later made her face known to the public by starring in JTBC’s drama “Solomon’s Perjury” then expanded her spectrum by appearing in BTS’s “With Seoul” promotional music video as a main character.

Mourning the deceased, actress Kim Yoon Jin said, “Go Soo Jung is now flying towards the sky. Rest in Peace”. A makeup artist who worked with Go Soo Jung also added, “I will always remember your pure and distinctive smile. Let’s meet again in heaven where there is no pain”.

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