Kim Tae Ri deleted the controversial post about her recruitment of foreign language Vlog subtitle translators

Actress Kim Tae Ri was embroiled in a controversy during the process of looking for Youtube video subtitle contributors.

On May 22nd, Kim Tae Ri said, “Hello everyone! We are finally giving you the English subtitles for Episode 3 after a year. I think we’ll be able to provide the subtitle for Episode 4 in a really short time, so please look forward to it”.

Kim Tae Ri

She continued, “This time, I have a new announcement!”, adding “As I read through the Youtube comments, I noticed that there are many fans from different countries. I wondered if there was a way to provide subtitles in their native languages. While thinking about it, I came up with an idea. I wonder if there are any hidden talents among my fans from various countries who are willing to jump into translation thinking ‘The speed of Tae Ri’s subtitle production team is so slow. It will be done quickly if I do it myself?’. That’s why I came up with this ‘So this is translation?’ project”.

Kim Tae Ri added the URL for applications, saying “This project is done through talent donation”, adding “If you are interested in it, please fill in the form here and my team will contact you”.

The actress emphasized that the email or SNS ID of the subtitle contributor will be put at the end of the subtitle work, adding “If the subtitles are completed, they will be available upon request for those who want it.”

Kim Tae Ri

Lastly, Kim Tae Ri said, “If you want to add subtitles in your language for ‘So This is The Place?’ Vlog, please contact me!” 

Episode 3 mentioned by Kim Tae Ri seems to refer to Kim Tae Ri’s Vlog “So This is The Place? DAY 3” uploaded on the Youtube channel of her agency Management mmm. As she said, English subtitles have only been made available until the third episode of “So This is The Place?”.

When Kim Tae Ri released the post about subtitle translation, some netizens raised issues. Many people criticized the actress due to her intention of seeking subtitle translators for her Youtube content without providing proper compensation is inappropriate. It is pointed out that subtitle creation is also considered legitimate work, and payment should be given for it.

kim tae ri

On the other hand, others show support for Kim Tae Ri. According to these people, the actress was just trying to provide subtitles in different languages for fans around the world who don’t understand Korean. They defended that Kim Tae Ri might have not set up such a project without having any plan to pay the participants.

Meanwhile, Kim Tae Ri suddenly deleted her post on the evening of the 22nd as if she has already known about the controversy.

Source: Daum

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