aespa Karina’s Incredible Appetite: Finishing 3 Types of Tonkatsu On Her Own Despite Being Skinny

aespa’s Karina’s enormous appetite for food is becoming a hot topic among fans. 

Despite her slim figure, Karina often shares her daily routine of enjoying large amounts of food, such as effortlessly eating six slices of pizza.

Last October, Karina caught attention by sharing her enormous meal through the fan communication app Bubble. 


Karina uploaded a photo with a table full of food, including three types of tonkatsu (deep fried pork cutlets), as well as soybean paste soup and cold buckwheat noodles.

When fans were surprised, Karina cheerfully responded, “Yes, I’m going to eat it all. I ordered it just for myself.” 

In her appearance on the MBC show’s “Point of Omniscient Interfere” last year, Karina revealed her ability to eat up to three bowls of ramen on her own, leaving everyone astonished. 


When singer Song Gain looked at Karina’s slim body and commented that there was no room for three bowls of ramen, Karina replied, “My stomach is spacious.

Meanwhile, today (May 22nd), aespa members departed for Paris, France, to attend the 76th Cannes Film Festival.

Source: Insight. 

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