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Lee Da Hae’s dress fitting revealed…Se7en “Real reaction the moment the door opens”

Lee Da Hae’s dress fitting scene was revealed.

On the May 22nd broadcast of SBS’ “Same Bed, Different Dreams 2 – You Are My Destiny”, Lee Da Hae and Se7en joined as a new couple of fate.

Se7en entered the ceremonial hall 2 hours before the wedding. He meticulously and carefully practiced his entrance and checked his movements. Se7en was preparing for the wedding like a concert.

Se7en started welcoming guests 30 minutes before the wedding. Awards ceremony-level stars such as Cha Tae Hyun, Kwon Sang Woo, G-Dragon, Taeyang and Oh Yeon Soo arrived at the ceremony. When Kim Gu Ra asked about the number of guests, Hong Kyung Min, who attended Se7en’s wedding, replied, “It seems that there were about 350 people.


As soon as the main ceremony began and the groom’s entrance proceeded, Se7en went up the Virgin Road and danced at the same time. G-Dragon and other guests responded with concert-level enthusiasm by filming Se7en with their mobile phones.

Se7en said that 8 years have been filled since he confessed on Lee Da Hae’s birthday 8 years ago, and now they are entering their 9th year.

Lee Da Hae and Se7en had an interview with the production team on their second day of marriage. Lee Da Hae said, “One thing is still not right. I think changing even one thing would be good, but people don’t change.” Se7en agreed, “It hasn’t changed.”

Lee Da Hae confessed, “There were moments of crisis while preparing for the wedding. Is this marriage right? I even thought about this.”

Lee Da Hae and Se7en met stylist Jung Yoon Ki for a dress fitting 26 days before the wedding. Jung Yoon Ki said he prepared a tuxedo for Se7en. After Se7en changed into the tuxedo, Lee Da Hae could not take her eyes off him, saying, “It’s cool. And cute.”


Lee Da Hae liked Se7en’s tuxedo, but still checked the pants in detail. Jung Yoon Ki smilingly said, “This person is so picky.”

Ahead of her dress fitting, Lee Da Hae expressed nervousness, “This is embarrassing. I’m going crazy.” Se7en showed a sincere reaction when Lee Da Hae came out wearing the first dress. Se7en said, “Many people told me that there’ll be a real reaction the moment the door opens. She’s beautiful. I felt flustered.”

But Se7en looked tired after the second dress. Se7en was bewildered when he learned that Jung Yoon Ki prepared 10 dresses for Lee Da Hae. Se7en said, “To be honest, there’s no big difference. I was tired because she kept changing (dresses).” Lee Da Hae shared, “It’s a fitting that I did with consideration. I made it short.

Source: Daum

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