Hyun Bin and Lee Dong Wook’s “visual showdown” at wrap-up party for “Harbin”

Stars including Hyun Bin, Lee Dong Wook, Jeon Yeo Been, and so on, had a lively wrap-up party for their movie, treating the audience to a “visual feast”.

On the evening of April 4th, Chinese media outlet Sohu posted various photos featuring the cast of “Harbin” at the movie’s wrap-up party, treating audiences to a “visual feast”. In front of the camera, Hyun Bin attracted attention with his youthful and captivating appearance after shaving. For the past few months, Son Ye Jin’s husband grew a beard for the movie. Now, the actor has finally left the role, returning to his usual handsome look. Hyun Bin also showed a radiant and happy face during the party with his colleagues, proving that he was not at all affected by recent divorce rumors.


Meanwhile, Lee Dong Wook, who is about to return with “Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938”, also impressed the audience at the recent party. Even through photos taken by regular phone cameras, the actor flaunted his perfect features, which resembled a sculpture, as well as his captivating aura. While Lee Dong Wook has shown signs of age, they only add to the actor’s mature and alluring charm.

In addition, the event also featured appearances from other actors and actresses, including “Vincenzo” star Jeon Yeo Bin, “Hellbound” cast member Park Jung Min, and so on. 

Hyun Bin officially shaved his beard, returning to his familiar heartthrob image. Previously, the actor grew a beard to suit the image of his character in “Harbin”
Hyun Bin was seated next to director Woo Min Ho. From behind, the heartthrob born in 1982 made a strong impression with his broad shoulders and handsome frame. Actor Park Hoon also appears in the photo.
lee dong wook
Lee Dong Wook also drew a lot of attention from netizens, looking dashing ahead of his return with  “Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938”
lee dong wook
While Lee Dong Wook has shown signs of age, they only add to the actor’s mature and alluring charm.
“Vincenzo” actor Jeon Yeo Been captivated viewers with her beautiful and charismatic looks.
“Hellbound” star Park Jung Min also attended the wrap-up party for “Harbin”.

Source: Sohu, Twitter

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