Miyawaki Sakura officially graduates from HKT48

As rumored, Miyawaki Sakura has officially left HKT48 after returning to Japan, sparking rumors that she will join HYBE.

Today, Sakura and Nako made their first appearance at HKT48’s single anniversary show. 

Here, Miyawaki Sakura announced that she will officially graduate from HKT48. However, both she and Yabuki Nako will still be present at HKT48’s concert on May 29. In addition, her graduation concert will take place on June 19.

HKT48 side also issued a written confirmation in 3 languages: Japanese, English, and Korean: “We apologize for the sudden news, but we hope you will understand.”

Sakura also announced her departure as follows:

“I have an announcement to make that I will be graduating from HKT48. I joined HKT48 when I was 13, and have been active with the group for 9 years as one of the first generation members. Even though I was away from the team for two and a half years, HKT48 to me is where I started my career. I have realized that it will always have a special place in my heart.

The idol Miyawaki Sakura was born in HKT48. I have spent years of my life here and I have learned so many things here. I have been surrounded by so many precious friends. Watching HKT48 these past two and a half years, I have seen and felt the growth of the newer generation members, and I feel happy seeing them [do well]. With that, I thought that everyone, including myself, is moving to the next stage of their career.

Because of that, even though there is only a short time until my graduation, I want to carry out my activities while repaying everyone for the 10 years I spent with HKT48. Since I just returned and am making my graduation announcement, I’m sure many of you will be sad and disappointed. However, until my graduation, I am preparing activities that will give everyone in HKT48 hope and bring happiness to the fans. I will also be holding my graduation concert on June 19.”

Previously, it was rumored that Sakura would be graduating from the group through a leaked report from a Japanese magazine. There are many rumors that she will join HYBE (formerly Big Hit Entertainment).

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